Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back to School, or not?

Yes that's right, I'm sick just as I suspected last night. Lots of kids in my class are showing up sick and I've caught on... Lucky me :( This is basically the worst time this could have happened as I have a research paper in History to start, an English essay, Math class, Chem, French (new assignments).
However, since I have so much time today - sipping tea and popping cough drops like crazy - I've decided to write about some fashion that has lately been inspiring me...and yes I will be reporting on real news but I'm in the mood to be creative today. I forgot to mention that I have started buying spring / summer clothes like crazy. Much to the dismay of my father's wallet might I add Abercrombie, Urban outfitters and Pacsun have profited in the last couple of weeks.
However my style has been changing over the years from prep to relaxed to smart bohemian. Here are some pictures of the clothes that I have ehh (acquired): The first is a pair of sandals from A&F, don't get me wrong I hate this store and what it stands for..But the jeans and shoes are decent. The shoes will go well with my bleached ripped shorts and aviators. From Urban Outfitters I bought a ring, black jumper, tees, and a pair of white heals. And finally from PacSun Wesec headphones and a flowered bottomed, black top bathing suit.
Besides my change in clothing I've been thinking a lot lately about my life, self re-evaluation and such... in my next post I'll share more.

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